Thanks to MediusGo Expense, Fly-Dressing saves countless hours

Fly-Dressing demanded a smart solution to simplify and automate their handling of expenses and travel expenses. It was important that the new solution could automate the entire process, from purchase to posted expense.

MediusGo automates invoice processing at Salinity

Salinity is a Swedish, family-owned business that trades and processes salt in all its forms – from the flake salt FALKSALT for kitchens to the road salt SP for icy streets.

NSI exchanged paperwork for flexibility and transparency with MediusGo

As the number of supplier invoices increased, so did the need to digitize and automate the invoice processing. NSI decided on MediusGo, which is a comprehensive solution for accounts payable automation.

"MediusGo has helped our invoice processing become efficient and environmentally conscious." - Felix, Didriksons

"We and our users appreciate MediusGo since it makes it possible to handle all incoming invoices in an easy, efficient, and environmentally conscious way." - Leila, Ragn-Sells

"I am very happy with MediusGo, and I find it flexible, quick, and easy to use."  
- Birgitta, Coop Norrbotten

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