MediusGo automates invoice processing at Salinity

Salinity is a Swedish, family-owned business that trades and processes salt in all its forms – from the flake salt FALKSALT for kitchens to the road salt SP for icy streets. The company makes many purchases worldwide, resulting in thousands of supplier invoices. MediusGo is the key to efficient invoice processing since it automatically matches invoices with purchase orders.

"I can definitely recommend MediusGo to other companies. It is an easy-to-use solution with many options to automate and streamline invoice processing," says Marie Werner, responsible for accounts payable at Salinity.

Automatic handling of goods invoices saves a lot of time

Salinity has been using the accounts payable (AP) automation solution MediusGo since 2011 and is actively working to continually improve and rationalize the flow as much as possible. The goal is to automate every step of invoice processing. For goods invoices, this means that data from purchase orders are automatically loaded into MediusGo via an integration with Salinity's ERP system Garp, and then automatically matched against the invoice. If all information is correct, the invoice can be sent directly for payment without any manual handling.

“The automation functionality of MediusGo really helps us streamline our flow. Especially important to us is the ability to automatically link the invoice to the correct order, which means we can save a lot of time and avoid manual work,” says Werner.

User-friendly and accessible to everyone

When it comes to expense invoices, which do not have a purchase order, Salinity manages to automate large parts of this flow by using MediusGo´s functions for automatic accounting and distribution to approvers. The approvers receive an email when they need to review an invoice, and they can easily view and approve the invoices on their computers or mobile phones.

“MediusGo is a very user-friendly system, both for us in the accounts payable department and for the approvers. And when we need help, we get great service from Medius support – they are easily accessible and quick,” says Werner.

Full control of invoices with search function and dashboard

Since all invoices, regardless of format, are digitized and managed in one system, MediusGo can also be used as a digital archive that facilitates searching and follow-up. For Salinity, this has meant a lot of saved time and better control over the invoice flow, especially when it comes to the monthly financial statements.

“The searchability is fantastic. It is easy to find past invoices and information in MediusGo. We use dashboards to quickly and easily see which invoices are being processed and by whom, which makes our lives much easier when it’s time for payments and monthly financial statements,” says Werner.


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