MediusGo Expense – smoother expense management

The new generation of Expense Management to manage all types of receipts and travel expenses is here. An automated, self-learning, and digital service that makes expense management easier and faster for the user, the manager and the finance and payroll department. MediusGo Expense is an add-on module to MediusGo Invoice, but can also be used separately.

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MediusGo Contract – safer and smoother contract storage 

MediusGo Contract is a web-based archive that makes it safer and easier to store and search for different types of contracts. If you, for example, want to verify that the price on an invoice is contractual, you simply click on the contract directly from MediusGo. You also get automatic reminders when contracts are about to expire.

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We also offer the following add-ons:

  • MediusGo Capture – your own interpretation engine
  • External interpretation and verification
  • Mailroom – external scanning, interpretation, archiving and verification
  • PO matching 
  • Integration with third party systems other than the ERP system


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