MediusGo Contract is an add-on to MediusGo available in the Nordics. The web-based archive makes it safer and easier to store and search for different types of contracts. If you, for example, want to verify that the price on an invoice is contractual, you simply click on the contract directly from MediusGo. You also get automatic reminders when contracts are about to expire.

How you store agreements with MediusGo Contract 

  • You scan paper agreements and upload contracts in digital formats such as Word, Excel, and PDF.
  • The contracts become searchable, and you can easily access them directly from related invoices in MediusGo.
  • Access to the contract archive is regulated based on the user's role.
  • You get automatic reminders, so you never miss a due date or renewal of a contract.

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NSI exchanged paperwork for flexibility and transparency with MediusGo

As the number of supplier invoices increased, so did the need to digitize and automate the invoice processing. NSI decided on MediusGo, which is a comprehensive solution for accounts payable automation.

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There are two different editions of MediusGo: Business, and Enterprise. In addition, there are six optional add-ons.

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