The new generation of Expense Management to manage all types of receipts and travel expenses is here. An automated, self-learning, and digital service that makes expense management easier and faster for the user, the manager and the finance and payroll department.

MediusGo Expense is an add-on module to MediusGo Invoice, but can also be used separately. The digital tool makes expense management easier and faster for the user, the manager and the finance and payroll department. You also get better insight and can predict costs because you get the expense reports on an ongoing basis instead of at the end of the month.

This is how digital Expense Management works with MediusGo Expense

The user takes a picture of the paper receipts with the mobile phone or forwards digital receipts directly into the app. MediusGo Expense handles all types of expenses, such as card purchases, allowances, entertainment and mileage compensation. The app analyzes the receipts automatically and retrieves the information. This means that MediusGo Expense does most of the work for the user, who only needs to verify and submit for approval

The manager then approves the expense reports in the mobile app or via the computer's browser. The finance department then reimburse the employee and everything is booked automatically. At the end of the year, the user submits all the receipts in physical format for final storage.

Take Control of Your Business Expenses

Advantages with digital Expense Management

  • The employee does not have to spend time manually keying the information from all receipts.
  • The approver does not have to handle a lot of paper and receipts.
  • The finance department gets a correct statement and does not have to go back to the user to correct errors.
  • The organization saves a lot of time and thus money.
  • Transparency increases and you can predict costs.


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NSI exchanged paperwork for flexibility and transparency with MediusGo

As the number of supplier invoices increased, so did the need to digitize and automate the invoice processing. NSI decided on MediusGo, which is a comprehensive solution for accounts payable automation.

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There are two different editions of MediusGo: Business, and Enterprise. In addition, there are six optional add-ons.

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