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PO Matching with MediusGo

In addition to posting transactional invoice data directly to the ERP or accounting system, MediusGo supports line level matching against purchase orders and delivery receipts. The system synchronizes the purchase order and delivery receipt information directly from your ERP/accounting system into a consolidated table that gets queried as part of either a two-way or three-way matching process. 

Combine PO Matching with Our Intelligent MediusGo Capture 

Line level detail is run through exact match, or tolerance threshold criteria, and presented to the validator with actionable matching options. Based on system preferences, the validator can make changes to the line item details to match with the purchase order and/or delivery receipt. Invoices can also be rerouted to the purchaser, sent to an await delivery status, approved via override (permission required), or cancelled. To get the best line level match, we recommend using our self-learning MediusGo Capture add-on.

Seamless Transfer of Information 

MediusGo utilizes commonly supported standards, such as CSV and XML file formats, for exchanging data with ERPs and accounting systems. A configurable client is deployed locally - or to a MediusGo Azure hosted integration server - to monitor for inbound and outbound data. Transmissions are conducted securely over SFTP and flow directly to and from MediusGo via our web services.

No Need for Additional Licensing or Costs

The published web API allows applications that do not support file exchange or require direct communication to have an accelerated custom delivery path into MediusGo. The API provides customers and integrators with the ability to tailor a connection to one or multiple systems without incurring additional licensing and integration charges.

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NSI exchanged paperwork for flexibility and transparency with MediusGo

As the number of supplier invoices increased, so did the need to digitize and automate the invoice processing. NSI decided on MediusGo, which is a comprehensive solution for accounts payable automation.

Customize MediusGo

There are two different editions of MediusGo: Business, and Enterprise. In addition, there are six optional add-ons.

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