AP Invoice automation for Accounting Firms

Automate the management of customers' supplier invoices and increase the firm’s customer revenue.

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Be even more competitive with MediusGo

Digitize the flow of your supplier invoices with MediusGo and streamline the time you spend on your customers today while achieving the same results. 
If the process for supplier invoices is automated, the accounting consultants can reduce their time doing manual work, which frees up more time for the firm for additional, higher revenue generating business.

This is how it works

MediusGo is the cloud tool that digitizes, streamlines and automates the accounting and approval flow. Nothing is installed on users' devices - MediusGo is cloud-based and can be accessed via the browser on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. The only thing that is installed is a small client on the company's server, which is used to connect MediusGo with the customer's business system. Read more about how MediusGo works.



6 reasons why you, as an accounting firm, should automate your supplier invoices with MediusGo

  • Easy to integrate - We integrate with most financial systems/ERP’s on the market.  This means that with a login to MediusGo, you are connected to several financial systems, all based on your customers' wishes and needs.
  • Multi-company management - Our multi-company management gives you a quick and easy overview of what is available to handle - without you having to go into each customer's systems.
  • Time-saving - Avoid time-consuming steps and save time. You have the opportunity to handle both more customers and higher invoice volumes with the same staff as today.
  • Single Sign On - Avoid spending time and energy on different logins and passwords using Single Sign On.
  • Automatic posting - With the help of smart functions such as posting suggestions and templates, you can completely avoid the step of posting.
  • Better transparency and control for your customers - With MediusGo, your customers get instant access to their invoices, old and new. Customers can approve via mobile phone, search for old invoices and make their own supplier reports.



"I can definitely recommend MediusGo to other companies!"

" It is an easy-to-use solution with many options to automate and streamline invoice processing," says Marie Werner at Salinity.

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Knowledgebank for Accounting Firms

eBook: A Buyer's Guide to an AP Invoice Automation Solutions

The 6 step checklist to get started with AP automation to secure your cashflow and enable a remote workforce.

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NSI exchanged paperwork for flexibility and transparency with MediusGo

As the number of supplier invoices increased, so did the need to digitize and automate the invoice processing. NSI decided on MediusGo, which is a comprehensive solution for accounts payable automation.