AP Invoice Automation for the Construction Industry

Let MediusGo Streamline and Simplify your AP workflow!


Construction and home improvement businesses can get 100% control over project costs by automating invoice workflow and improving business intelligence.

MediusGo leads the AP automation market in dispatching invoices and automating invoice workflows in the construction and home improvement industries. Through easily managed settings in the MediusGo application, project managers gain 100% control over costs without AP departments manually touching invoices. The paper-centric, often redundant in-person work can be massively reduced, if not eliminated. 

We have over 300 construction and home improvement companies as customers, so we understand the daily challenges in your AP process. We support safe and secure integration to multiple ERPs, which allow our clients to process all invoices in one streamlined workflow.

6 reasons why your construction company should automate your supplier invoices with MediusGo

  • Easy integration - we integrate with most accounting-software on the market, which means one login to MediusGo, connects to your business system and/or ERP. 
  • Time-saving - avoid redundancy in AP workflows and save time. Our predictive AI technology spots patterns in coding and data capture and will fill in the gaps so you don't have to.
  • Single sign-on - eliminate logging into multiple systems for capturing and processing invoices.
  • Project reporting - detailed reports and dashboards, give you visibility into projects and associated costs.
  • Better transparency and control for project managers - with MediusGo, project managers get instant access to their invoices, old and new. They can verify via mobile phone, search for old invoices in the archives and create their own supplier reports.
  • Go paperless - no explanation needed here!

This is how it works

MediusGo is the cloud tool that will digitize, streamline and automate your coding and approval workflow. The first step is through intelligent invoice scanning and touchless data capture. Our state-of-the-art data capture software expertly pinpoints and extracts invoice data automatically.  The original invoices are then automatically archived in MediusGo for complete visibility into payables, so that you can at-a-glance audit, whenever you need to.

With automated invoice processing powered by advanced machine learning, all your invoices are coded, assigned to the appropriate workflow, and routed electronically for approval – no matter how many invoices you have. 

MediusGo is cloud-based, hosted in Microsoft Azure and can be accessed via the browser on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, so nothing is installed on end-user devices. A small client on the company's server is used to connect MediusGo with the customer's ERP. Learn more about how MediusGo works.

Optimize the invoicing process by skipping unnecessary steps

Company-adapted accounting rules in combination with high-tech Machine Learning means that MediusGo speeds up the invoicing process. Removing unnecessary steps, enables a supplier invoice to flow directly to the purchasing project manager, instead of the AP department. The project manager approves the invoice with a simple click in the mobile phone, computer or tablet, where the workflow automatically continues to either a central project manager for final approval, or, is dispatched directly for payment. Those business rules regarding your company’s approval flow are determined by you.

Great project reports in MediusGo

For customers who do not work in a project management system, MediusGo offers reports that will summarize all costs associated with a particular project. Simply search for project name and date(s), and get a batch view where all associated invoices can be exported as a pdf, or an excel spreadsheet, which can provide and enable re-invoicing, for example.

Knowledge Bank

eBook: A Buyer's Guide to an AP Invoice Automation Solutions

The 6 step checklist to get started with AP automation to secure your cashflow and enable a remote workforce.

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MediusGo automates your accounts payable (AP) process without hidden costs. You simply choose the add-ons that suits you, and then you know exactly what to pay each month. Support is always included.