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New forward-facing technologies are often embraced by schools, be it their website development (CMS) or state-of-the-art tools for teachers and students, but back-end operations, such as finance, are often still archaic and manual.

Teacher in high school 

When we suddenly didn’t have the same opportunity to go to the office anymore it created a unique set of problems for paper-driven manual processes in Accounts Payable departments. Schools have had to come up with contingency plans that often include a remote staff. What was previously done by hand, has created difficult challenges for this new normal. 

Manual processes being done by staff who may not be sharing the same space, can potentially create a lack of visibility and increase errors that may end up costing a school more in the long-run.

MediusGo provides a cost effective and efficient way to save significant time and resources by automating your AP process.  We give you increased visibility into your school's spend, meet your compliancy standards and automate control of coding and approvals.

It's easy to get started! 

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Tack vare MediusGo Expense sparar Fly-Dressing flera timmar i månaden

Fly-Dressing efterfrågade en smart lösning för att förenkla och automatisera deras hantering av utlägg och reseräkningar. Det var viktigt att den nya lösningen kunde automatisera hela processen, från köp till konterat utlägg. Fly-Dressing valde MediusGo Expense då den digitala tjänsten samlar alla underlag i en app och automatiserar flödet till deras lön- och ekonomisystem. Utläggen kopplas även automatiskt mot tillhörande kreditkortsfaktura i MediusGo som därför konteras upp automatiskt med snabb åtkomst till kvittokopiorna.

eBook: A Buyer's Guide to an AP Invoice Automation Solutions

The 6 step checklist to get started with AP automation to secure your cashflow and enable a remote workforce.

On-Demand Webinar! Learn how to digitize and automate your accounts payable with MediusGo.

Learn how your company can digitize and automate your AP process, to cost effectively give you more flexibility (remote access), and visibility that will save you time and resources.