Integrating MediusGo with Oracle Netsuite

MediusGo natively integrates with Oracle Netsuite - without the need for extensive professional services to implement. Capture all of your AP invoices - regardless of length, detail, or format - from all of your vendors without templating or building complex rules-based logic.

Onboarding your AP department and approvers is made simple thanks to a straight-forward GUI powered by AI and machine learning. MediusGo offers full type ahead search for the coding dimensions your organization uses all while managing your business's review and approval process.

Match and validate invoice data - at the header or line-item level - against POs and/or delivery receipts prior to delivering the invoices directly to Netsuite ready to be paid.



Supported by MediusGo

The integration utilizes the supported SOAP API calls, making configuration quick and easy. Scheduled synchronizations make sure there is up-to-data without taxing the network bandwidth of your business.

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  • Seamless native support – no hidden licensing or user license impact.
  • Intelligent invoice capture as well as recognition for all of your vendors.
  • Extract header, footer, and line items over single or multi-page invoices.
  • Entirely cloud technology driven means your data is not processed off-shore.
  • Native reports and dashboards give insights into your Accounts Payable process.
  • Complete end-to-end review, coding, and approval.
  • Data analytics and machine learning offer actionable suggestion to help you achieve straight-through processing.
  • Match and/or validate invoice headers or line-item details against delivery receipts and POs.
  • The invoices will post directly into Netsuite - ready for payment.

Oracle Netsuite Integration Details

MediusGo offers direct integration via the Netsuite API. These are some high-level requirements for the integration:

  • Integrated via supported SOAP API calls, ensuring commercial off-the-shelf compatibility.
  • Active dimension codes must be provided for mapping into the MediusGo coding dimensions.
  • Requires an integration record to be setup with the Application ID, Client ID, and Client Secret.
  • Custom segments in Netsuite require an adaptations.xml file to be provided - Netsuite Applications Suite - Creating a Custom Segment (
  • Standard forms are required for the integration user.
  • Transferring invoice images requires prior setup of a Netsuite File Cabinet.
  • Use Windows Task Scheduler at a regular interval to perform synchronization of master data and transactions.


More info about MediusGo

Tack vare MediusGo Expense sparar Fly-Dressing flera timmar i månaden

Fly-Dressing efterfrågade en smart lösning för att förenkla och automatisera deras hantering av utlägg och reseräkningar. Det var viktigt att den nya lösningen kunde automatisera hela processen, från köp till konterat utlägg. Fly-Dressing valde MediusGo Expense då den digitala tjänsten samlar alla underlag i en app och automatiserar flödet till deras lön- och ekonomisystem. Utläggen kopplas även automatiskt mot tillhörande kreditkortsfaktura i MediusGo som därför konteras upp automatiskt med snabb åtkomst till kvittokopiorna.

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