Integrating with the Microsoft Dynamics Family of Products

MediusGo natively integrates with Microsoft Dynamics – BC365, GP, & NAV - without the need for additional licensing. Capture all your invoices, from all your vendors without templating or building complex rules-based logic.

A straight-forward GUI powered by machine learning and AI makes onboarding simple. MediusGo provides full type ahead search on the coding dimensions your organization utilizes while managing your review and approval process.

Match and validate invoice data, at the header or line-item level, against purchase orders and/or delivery receipts before delivering your invoices directly to Dynamics ready to be paid.



Supported by MediusGo

As a Microsoft Gold partner utilizing supported APIs and stored procedures, configuration is quick and easy. Scheduled synchronizations ensure up-to-data without taxing your network bandwidth.

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  • Seamless native support – no hidden licensing or user license impact.
  • Intelligent invoice capture and recognition for all your vendors.
  • Extract header, footer, and line items over single/multi-page invoices.
  • All cloud technology driven – no off-shore processing of your data.
  • Gain insights into your AP process via native reports and dashboards.
  • Complete end-to-end review, coding, and approval.
  • Machine learning and data analytics provide actionable suggestions to help achieve straight through processing.
  • Match/validate invoice header or line-item details against purchase orders and delivery receipts.
  • Invoices post directly into MS Dynamics ready for payment.


More info about MediusGo

NSI bytte pappersarbete och stansning mot flexibilitet och insyn med MediusGo

I takt med att verksamheten utvecklades och antalet leverantörsfakturor ökade, växte också behovet att digitalisera och automatisera fakturahanteringen. Valet föll på MediusGo som är en heltäckande lösning för elektronisk fakturahantering.

eBook: A Buyer's Guide to an AP Invoice Automation Solutions

The 6 step checklist to get started with AP automation to secure your cashflow and enable a remote workforce.

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